Slight Disappointment

OK, it’s not really that big of a deal, but I was all geared up and excited to replace my Linksys’ wireless router firmware with a much better open source replacement this evening when I fell from the cloud of nerdy hopes and aspirations to the cold terrain of realistic limitations.

Being fall break and having some hours off of my new job, I was blessed with some leisure time today which I was planning of filling upgrading my router to use Tomato. After downloading the firmware, and trying to upgrade it in my router, it failed. Which made me return to Tomato only to find the firmware is for use in WRT54G v1-4 (mine’s v6) – oh well there are other options, enter DD-WRT once again I was all excited until reading through the documentation for my v6. I usually don’t get scarred away from trying risky installations, but this page sent shivers down my back.

Oh well, the default Linksys firmware is working quite well. So what if I can’t do Quality of Service manipulations, block advertisements through my router, or boost the power of my signal. My wife will probably be quite relieved that I didn’t tinker around with something that isn’t broken in the first place.

~ by veniatregnum on October 20, 2008.

One Response to “Slight Disappointment”

  1. Greetings,

    I luckily missed the non-Tomato-Linksys-version void. I have an old v3 router and bought a Linksys WRT54GL about a year ago. Both run Tomato beautifully. I tried DD-WRT, but went back to Tomato. I really enjoy it, and highly recommend it if you get a new router in the future.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I just thought I’d share on my end…


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