Mint Menu in XUbuntu

I was inspired by a post in Help for Linux to replace my default XFCE4 application menu with mintMenu. The instructions were for regular Ubuntu (Gnome) so they needed a little (very little) modification to get mintMenu up in XUbuntu (XFCE).

Follow the instructions exactly, except for the “Add to Panel” and selecting mintMenu – here is where XUbuntu users need an extra step. First you need to install the xfce4-xfapplet-plugin (you can download it from the site or just use Synaptic). Now right click on your panel, choose “Add New Item”, and pick XfApplet from the list. Another dialog box will come up and pick mintMenu from that list.

XUbuntu needs this extra step using XfApplet to sort of serve as a gateway through which Gnome plugins can integrate into the XFCE environment. It’s an extra step but an easy one and well worth it for a more visibly appealing and robust application menu.


~ by veniatregnum on October 20, 2008.

One Response to “Mint Menu in XUbuntu”

  1. Awesome! I will keep this in mind as I am probably going to go from Ubuntu to Xubuntu soon!

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