New Desktop

I’m very content and excited with the desktop configuration/look I’ve been using the past few weeks.

I’m still using XUbuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron (XFCE4); I’m using Conky as my system monitor, and the clock and clear weather widgets in Screenlets. I can’t quite seem to get away from just using desktop icons (GnomeDo was too system heavy on my old machine, same with every dock I’ve tried) – so I’ve tried to keep the icons to a minimum. The icon theme is Black-White Vista. The background is “ibex_wallpaper_by_willwill100” that I couldn’t find anymore at DeviantArt.

I’ve been using Tasque for task management. It syncs into Remember the Milk to keep my to-do list current. I’ve been using Tomboy Notes more lately for keeping track of various memos and class notes. My chat/IM client is Pidgin which I’ve been using for Gmail Chat and Facebook Chat (using the facebook plugin). More and more I’ve been relying on Prism for web applications. I’ve been running wordpress, google calendar, and my google reader from within Prism and it seems to keep things very quick and simplified (prism is basically a stripped down Firefox to aid in speed and usability – all the toolbars and such are gone and you’re left with a basic window in which to run web applications).


~ by veniatregnum on September 20, 2008.

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