Adobe Air

Adobe Air is in beta testing for Linux at the moment, I decided to try it out the other day after revisiting Lifehackers top 10 apps worth installing adobe air for.

The first of which was DestroyFlickr

I was intrigued by its interface and the ability to drag and drop files in for uploads. It’s not a whole lot different than the Flickr web site interface but is packaged quite nicely into a web application without all the extra junk floating around the margins. It also serves as a great tool for perusing your friends’ photo streams in a non-website-like manner.

The only other app I really cared about at the moment was Pandora:

This was pretty unremarkable. Same as if I’d launched it from within Firefox or even better used it as a web app from Prism. Same interface, same functions, only running on a more draining adobe air platform. There are a few more apps I’d like to try using Air with, it’ll at least stay in on my system for the pure use of DestroyFlickr.


~ by veniatregnum on September 20, 2008.

One Response to “Adobe Air”

  1. It seems a dream! hope that when is stable I migrate finally to linux.

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