WW – August 27, 2008

  • Introducing Ubiquity – Ubiquity is a Mozilla Labs project which you to generate some pretty sweet mashups for the common tasks most of us all do multiple times per day. It’s still in prototype but looks to be another great addition to the web from mozilla
  • An end to spaghetti power cables – BBC I’ve heard of this idea before but to see some actual progress on it is very cool. Basically the days of physically plugging your devices into a wall socket may be numbered (pretty high number though) – someday we’ll be able to simply set them on a special surface or in front of some hidden object and they’ll charge “magnetically.”
  • Black hole star mystery ‘solved’ – Black Holes = Sweetness
  • Free Starbucks Recipes for DIY Coffee Drinks – Lifehacker Who doesn’t get a craving every so often for sugar in a cup?
  • Linux on Laptops If you have a laptop and are thinking about putting linux on it, check this resource out for what has been tested, proven to work, not work, and all around nuances for your specific model.

~ by veniatregnum on August 27, 2008.

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