So the past few weeks have been filled with periods of both insanely busy moments and insanely slow moments. I’ve been applying for new jobs hoping to get some kind of entry lab work or entry hospital support position – and am thoroughly sick of scouring job listings and rewriting cover letters. Here’s a little update on what’s been filling my time between applying, continuing to work part-time, and running all over for weddings.


My bike needs new tires so I’ve been walking a bit more, and to fill in some of the extra time inherent in such an endeavor, I’ve added a few podcasts. Since I’ve never posted my subscriptions, I’ll just put all of the updated list up now:


My idea of a perfect evening, sitting in my favorite chair with a steaming cup of coffee/tea and a nice fat novel in my lap. Here’s a brief synopsis of the books I’m reading or have just recently finished:

  • Mountains beyond Mountains by Traci Kidder Biography of Dr. Paul Farmer – finished this a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed, not entirely by the writing of Kidder but simply by the man of Dr. Farmer. I’ll be doing a bit more of a full work-up of this book soon as I’m still processing a bit.
  • Infections and Inequalities by Paul Farmer After Mountains I ran to the library and got some of Dr. Farmer’s own works. Excellent read from a truly brilliant man, if social justice and medicine are at all interests of yours, I highly recommend this from what I’ve read so far.
  • Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky Not much more can be said but classic. I don’t know much about the Russian language, but from the boasts of this edition, and confirmed by a friend of mine who does know a lot about the Russian language, this translation is supposed to be one of the closest to capturing the nature of Dostoyevsky’s original Russian.
  • Watchment by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons My first graphic novel – I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie before Batman and was very intrigued. Borrowed this from a friend (thanks Micah) and was incredibly blown away. Alan Moore wrote an amazing work on many levels with Watchmen. Let’s hope the movie this March stays true to at least the spirit of this great work.
  • V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd Watchmen was so good I ran to the library (yes the UNL Library has comics and graphic novels) to get another of Moore’s works. I had seen the movie back when it came out and enjoyed it but wasn’t super impressed with the story. Turns out Moore’s original story has some key differences. I was much more impressed with the story of the novel, while I can understand a lot of the changes film makers have to make in order to make an effective and convincing film, I’m still a fan of Moore’s train of thought and characters.

~ by veniatregnum on August 19, 2008.

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