WW – July 30, 2008

Time for another installment of Weblink Wednesdays.

Gnome-Do I’ve cleaned off my computer’s desktop and gotten rid of my dock while I give Gnome-Do a try. It’s an “intuitive” launcher which so far has done some very quick program and file searching/launching – with quite the plugins available as well. If you don’t use linux check out the similar Launchy for Windows or Quicksilver for Mac

Lego Universe My favorite childhood past-time is becoming a MMOG. See also Gizmodo for an exclusive video, and images showing the creation of Lego Universe.

Boxee for Linux Media center modeled after the Xbox Media Center, formerly just for Mac, now has opened up to the Linux world.

Watchmen I know there is a bunch of hype out already, but I want to add to it. I just borrowed this graphic novel from a friend and couldn’t put it down. Let’s hope the coming movie does the “greatest graphic novel of all time” justice.

Laboratory and Mouse Studies Show Targeted Drug Blocks the Growth of Breast Cancer Cells that Spread to the Brain Very cool.

Font Conference YouTube video from College Humor depicting what it would be like if Fonts held conferences. My boss showed this to me this week, and I had a great laugh.

~ by veniatregnum on July 30, 2008.

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