Weblink Wednesday

For lack of any better ideas of what to post about at moment, I figured I’d start a new weekly feature here at veniatregnum: Weblink Wednesdays.  I spend a good deal of time running around the halls of the internet during the week and thought it’d be interesting to put up some of the interesting things I’ve discoverd during my journeys.  So here it goes…

What Productivity Studies Really Show – An article from Lifehacker pointing to a bunch of current studies on “information overload” and other phenomenon of the information age, and raises the question as to just how bad “information overload” actually is.

Vaccine-autism link unsupported by science, but theory lives on – Something I’ve been interested in for quite a while and still haven’t entirely settled my mind on, but my thoughts are quite in-line with this article.

Watchmen Trailer What self respecting nerd writing a blog would miss putting this up on the week’s links?

The Dripping-Faucet God From Eric at Between the Trees, discussing biblical manhood and womanhood.

switchAbit – Haven’t gotten a chance to try it out myself, but if you have multiple online social service accounts (i.e. Facebook and Flickr) it will sync things between the two so you only have to update one account (i.e. putting new photos in Flickr will update your Facebook photo albums as well)

10 Ways to Escape From the iPhone Madness – I won’t be getting one (though I won’t say a part of me doesn’t want one), and it’s nice to throw some humor at all the current hype.

~ by veniatregnum on July 23, 2008.

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