Here come the movies

Rena and I decided this weekend that as an alternative to cable, we’d opt for the cheaper choice of a Netflix account. So we’ll soon be receiving our first movie in the mall (should be tomorrow) and I’ve already made quite the use out of the online streaming service.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. Streaming content on Netflix requires that you use either Windows XP SP2 or Vista through IE7. A couple of updates and restarts later and my wife’s laptop (the household XP) was streaming like a charm. We even hooked up her laptop to our big screen through the VGA input and we had some pretty beautiful Superman III action, instantly – sweetness. The rest of the computers in the house, my laptop and the Frankenstein’s monster CPU that serves as our multimedia center hooked up to our TV) both rock the Linux (Xubuntu and DreamLinux respectively), and alas, Netflix is currently shunning all Linux and Mac OSX users on their streaming services.

So I’m actually exploring a couple of options: WINE is out, I could dual boot on the multimedia center (which is probably the best option), or set up a virtual machine. The virtual machine will probably be the result for my laptop (using VirtualBox OSE) but the media center might not be able to handle two operating systems at once – so I’ll probably end up dual booting, not really my favorite idea but I’d really like to not have to rely on hooking and unhooking my wife’s computer every time we want to watch a movie from the Netflix instant selection. If anyone has any better ideas I’m very open to them (as long as they don’t result in making any purchases). I’m also a bit on the lookout for a new Linux distribution to serve as the platform for the multimedia computer.

That being said, I’m very excited about Netflix. We’ll see how it plays out, but so far the $8.99/month purchase has treated my movie/tv show needs quite perfectly.

~ by veniatregnum on July 15, 2008.

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