Persistent Musings

My wife and I have just finished a move, our internet won’t be up until Wednesday. I have come to realize just how dependent I am upon this network of knowledge. I find myself a bit lost without it even. Anyway, time away from the computer has given me some time to do some reflecting and thinking. Kind of in the forefront is a topic brought up by my friend Billy over dinner the other night and it pretty adequately expressed some things going on under the surface in my life that I haven’t really had the perception to notice for what it was.

I’ve realized lately just how much youthful whimsy and passion dictates what goes on in my life. At a very young 23, I feel on the verge of adulthood wisdom yet seem unable to completely grasp it. I pretty continually get blown around by many random hobbies and desires – in doing so I lose the temperament that comes from patiently working at something for many years while not seeing much fruit during the struggle. I’m like an impatient gardener who upon planting an apple tree one day, checks on the spot the next expecting to see some apples. The tree needs a couple years to grow. I need to be alright with seeing relatively little progress in the day to day, but upon a couple of years, there will be a tall, sturdy tree bearing many, many apples.

I’m interested to look back at this time in my life when I’m 50 or so and see how the good Lord has shaped and molded my life to His good and perfect will. Hopefully in the meantime I’ll be granted some patience to continue to work out the day to day with perseverance.

~ by veniatregnum on July 7, 2008.

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