Singing Songbird on my Desktop

Screen Shot of Songbird\'s default home page

Time for another software plug/nod. I’ve been using this for a while but don’t think that it’s super popular. From Mozilla, the same folks that brought you Firefox, Thunderbird, and a host of other great open source cross-platform software – comes Songbird a browser/music library with the ability to harness the power of various music blog search engines, parse each page in the browser window to list all available mp3 files. You are then able to play the displayed music files through Songbird’s integrated music player either remotely without downloading a thing – or you can download the files to your computer for local playback (* as the Songbird site says, “Please download responsibly”).

Screen Shot of Songbird parsing files off of a music blog search

While I don’t use this as my stand alone media player, I do use it to browse through some favorite music blogs and other sites that have linked mp3’s and search for certain artists to get a sampling before a purchase. It’s a great idea to put all the resources for good music browsing into one package – the searching, browsing, and playing without ever needing to run multiple programs. The software is still in Beta phase (current version is 0.5) so it’s not entirely reliable as of yet – although I have trouble recalling even a single time it’s decided to go all “Medieval Beta Buggy” on me. It’s available cross platform so whatever operating system you’re rocking you’ll be able to use Songbird.

Did I mention it’s from Mozilla? Is there any other reason you’d need to give this software a spin?

Get it here:

~ by veniatregnum on June 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Singing Songbird on my Desktop”

  1. Great Information blog ! Thank you for keeping up the good work. I look forward to returning to your blog, and learning more from you !

  2. […] blogged about Songbird before and the latest update marks some stellar improvements and quite the altered […]

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