Pioneers is Settling the Land of Catan

Another software plug on this insanely hot and humid Saturday afternoon while I chill in front of the computer. A while ago some good friends of my wife and I exposed us to the board game Settlers of Catan, and incredibly addicting and fun strategy game where the objective is to be the first to reach some arbitrarily set number of points (usually 10 on a standard board) by developing settlements and cities, doing so by gaining and spending resources (which act as the games “currency”) of wool, grain, lumber, brick, and ore. Each board tile has a specific resource and number, whenever that number is rolled by the dice, if you have a settlement touching that tile, you get one of the respective resources per settlement touching the given tile. Ok, that’s the game in a small nutshell – now on to the software part of this post.

After playing with our friends, my wife and I continued to want to play (hence the addicting part of the game) but since we’re only two people, and it’s best played with four, I set out to find some software which would enable us to play one another while using AI to fill in for the remaining two players. Enter, Pioneers.

Screenshot of the Pioneers computer game

If you’re on a Linux box you can download the pioneers server and host your own games allowing you to add computer players to fill in the gaps of missing players, if you’re on Windows sorry but you can only get the client version, and you’ll have to either join a game from the meta server or connect to a friend on a Linux box hosting a game.

The game is currently on version 0.12 build 2 – I’m still on .11 since it takes some time for my repositories to update the more obsquer software so I’m not sure of all the 0.12 improvements, but 0.11 has quite a few features: you can change the theme of the board (it’s possible with some work and clever coding to design your own themes as well), there are multiple board extension scenarios that correlate with the actual game’s Seafarers and various custom maps that mimic Europe, etc., there is even a map editor in which you can design your own maps. Runnning the server version you have total control over the games scenarios, points needed, trading options, etc.

Check your repositories or head to to grab the source for Linux, Windows, or OSX – if you’re on Windows you’ll also need to stop by to get the GTK +2 run time environment before installing Pioneers.

And I’m always up for a good game, let me know if you want to try it out and I can set up hosting a quick game.

~ by veniatregnum on June 7, 2008.

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