Don’t speed, but do drive into Speed Racer

Speed Racer Movie Poster

The very big budgeted Speed Racer, though failing to take the top box office position from Iron Man a couple of weekends ago on its opening weekend, was a solid movie. It hasn’t gotten the best reviews so far, and I am not a Speed Racer purist, so I won’t have any comments on if it holds true to Speed Racer folklore or not, but I do recommend this movie if nothing else but for an appreciation of the style and pace of the movie.

The movie is filmed with live action set on top of an almost completely computer generated setting, right away this can be a bit nauseating at best while you adjust to seeing everything in a faster than expected pace and vivid color schemes. You do adjust pretty quickly and a few minutes in I was really appreciating the created world in which the film was “shot”. It turns out to create this beautiful world in which the Wachowski brothers were able to control to every minute detail – lights, colors, scenery is meticulously tweaked to add to the feelings of each scene.

The plot takes a bit longer than necessary to develop with the first half of the movie moving pretty slow. I started getting a bit bored initially, but the film redeemed itself quickly with a fast-paced and captivating finish. One particular style of story telling I loved from the movie was the merging of two separate time lines into one scene – when Mr. Royalton is telling Speed just how his next race is going to play out, you’re watching the actual race unfold as he narrates. While not an entirely new concept, Speed Racer pulls off the execution very well.

While the plot is a bit cliche and predictable, it’s nothing to be complained about as it is a part of the genre. It’s still a satisfyingly fulfilling plot as the characters develop very well through the entirety of the film. While starting slow, the plot picks up as the action of the film picks up – I’m not sure if the film needed to take so long for the plot to develop but the wait of the first half is worth it for the final conclusions of the movie.

You don’t need to speed to the theatre to see this right away, but I do recommend a viewing sometime in the near future.

~ by veniatregnum on May 28, 2008.

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