I need to give a nod towards one of my favorite daily obsessions: NPR (National Public Radio). Whether it be listening to the soothing comfort of classical all day and Performance Today at night, the cutting interviewing of Terry Gross during Fresh Air, or the side-splitting humor of Wait, Wait, I can’t get enough. The first preset on both my wife’s and my car stereos is 91.1 FM (NPR here in Lincoln), and I have quite the cache of NPR podcasts feeds in my downloader. I’m not quite sure what it is that got me hooked, but now I’m quite the addict looking for my fix. Podcasting in general is glorious, and NPR on podcasts now lets me carry my obsession around with my all day to listen at my leisure. If you see me on campus with earphones in and spontaneously breaking out into laughter, I’m listening to Wait, Wait.

It’s not all fun and games all day at NPR though. Being able to continually be informed of the day’s news is not just a side note; it’s an integral part of my NPR addiction. Newspapers and online sites are great, I try to keep up with current news through those means as much as possible, but NPR makes it really easy, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I can hear the news brought to me. I’m not much of a multitasker (just ask my wife) but it’s nice to be able to continually be informed without having to take a good chunk of time out of my day to go get a paper, or search through all the irrelevant junk surrounding most major news sources. NPR gets to the important and relevant news issues locally and nationally without much extra flair added to the reporting. I appreciate that and will probably be an NPR pusher for life.

~ by veniatregnum on May 3, 2008.

One Response to “NPR!”

  1. Plus, you gotta love the constant skeptical tone and subtext. And the dudes who sound like they have a mouthful of marbles.

    I think it was…Strongbad? who got it right by pegging NPR as “smooth and smarmy.”

    i do dig NPR.

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